82724 Phottix Raja Deep Quick-Floding softbox 80cm (32")

  • $119.00

Pop it open Softbox

The Phottix Raja series of softboxes open like an umbrella and is ready to use in seconds (yes, seconds). No anxiety. No frustration. No “questionable” language. Pop it open, add the ba­ffle, diffuser and grid – mount on your studio light. Simple.


Available in seven sizes and shapes, the Phottix Raja Softbox offers a full range of light source shaping options to suit different photographic styles and themes.

Phottix Raja Quick Opening Softbox Features: • High load resistance and strong structure • Phottix's unique heat resistant SL Tech material • Umbrella quick opening storage, easy to use • Replaceable soft light box adapter compatible with mainstream external lighting brand • Includes an external carrying case