About Us

PPVShop-Established in 2016, is committed to the online retail platform. We carefully select and collect the world's high-quality photographic equipment, accessories and electronic products, have market-leading brands and suppliers, and provide the best prices and services for consumers Provide the highest quality products and services.

PPVShop strives to process the order of each valued customer as quickly as possible. Ideally, we aim to deliver your order within one week.

In 2020, PPVShop signed a partnership with Phottix, a world-renowned photography accessory brand, and became one of Phottix's authorized dealers.In addition, it co-operated with world-renowned photographers in order to make Phottix's products known in every corner. To expand e-commerce with our huge sales network, please contact us at info.PPVshop@gmail.com.

Phottix Dealer